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These are good people. Very good people. The sort that would do a proper job.

House of Coffee back in business!
Product of the Month for July

They're back! And very, very safe (all coffee, no coffing). The nicest coffee in the known universe, and loads of Fairtrade choices.

Open 10-2 M Tu F S S I think.

Treasure Hunt

Just to be clear, the treasure hunt mentioned in the Leighton Buzzard Observer won't be going ahead, because of...you know...

Chocolate giveaway

We give you chocolate. You listen to how great Fairtrade is for 11 seconds. Win-Win.

M&S FT chocolate is excellent. It includes a 100% strength chocolate bar. That would curdle yoghurt 100m away.

A massive thanks to M&S for all their help and chocolate.

Bees Knees

We did a talk at the Bees Knees, who are a group of Leighton Buzzard businesswomen.

Look, someone's got to say it. Bees don't have knees. Just joints.


We're doing it. This is not dropping light fiction out of renovated WW2 bombers, but putting little packs for people to read all over Leighton Buzzard.

If you see one, lucky you. Do give it a read.

When genetics goes wrong

Apparently if you splice together human and banana gene, this is what you get:

It's part of Fairtrade fortnight 2020. Playtots were doing Fairtrade craft activities making a bee like Fuzzy Buzzy. Refreshments included delicious banana bread made with Fairtrade ingredients and Fairtrade coffee. 

Some people were saying muttering that you never see Yarkov and Fuzzy Buzzy in the same room. So to end that meme of fake news, here we are.

Moser Roth chocolate is delicious beyond description, comes in many flavours, and is Fairtrade. Get it from Aldi.

Chocolate Giveaway part 2

Seconds of chocolate? Apparently, because we also did a giveaway at Morrisons. Have you ever tried their FT chocolate? If not, add that to your bucket list.

And a massive thanks to Morrisons for their help and chocolate.

Where have we been?

The money ran out, so we went off for a bit. Actually, if you can offer us free hosting, we'd like you lots and tell our friends you're great and everything. Let's talk.

Fuzzy Buzzy does he cause the applause just because

AKA Fairtrade product of the month for December.

Lillypuds Christmas pudding available in Oxfam, unless it's sold out, in which case it isn't.

Trinity Display

We decided on that heading because this is a display at Trinity Methodist Church. Sometimes headlines are really easy to write.

This is linked to the Oxjam live music event on 5th October. Rock and Roll!!

Party Time

Apparently it's 25 years since the Fairtrade mark was introduced. Who knew?

Well this lot, apparently. Because they were in London celebrating.

That's a big banana. Wouldn't like to get that home on the train.

Christmas Tree Festival 2019

Our entry.

Wow. Talk about creativity.

Of course, the best thing about this sort of Christmas Tree is that you don't get pine needles falling off it, you get bananas.

Fill your face at our expense

Did you grab a free chocolate square or four at Oxfam on the Saturday of Chocolate Week?

They did. And loved it so much most of them went and bought whole bars.

Pop down to Oxfam and buy a bar. Do it before 31st October. No ifs or buts.

It's here

It needed more organisation than D-Day, more hard work than a Fortnite training schedule, and more belief in its eventual arrival than a bag of frogs, but the supermarket Fairtrade league table is now out:

All those who doubted it was going to happen, hang your heads in shame. Good has triumphed over evil, the universe is set straight in its course, and frogs are about to become our new overlords.

In the meantime, please continue to buy Fairtrade items, available at our local supermarkets as above.

We just got renewed!

Now, that heading has been on this page since Tony Blair was Prime Minister. But it just happened again!!

So we're really happy, and we were celebrating late into the night by consuming lots of Fairtrade products (chocolate, wine good for that, roses less so).


At long last, here is the certificate, if you like that sort of thing:

What? You want to know more? Goodness, that's never happened before. Well, here's the link:

House of Coffee, we love you

First up, it's not a house made out of coffee. This isn't a liquid version of Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house.

The House of Coffee in Peacock Mews now does Fairtrade coffee, and it's brilliant. That man knows more about coffee than 1000 high street 'baristas' glued together for some reason.

So if you're a business, stop messing around with some faceless coffee machine corporation from the grim north who bulk out their coffee grindings with wood shavings. Talk to Nick.

Shoppers can also get his ravishing FT coffee, too. So good. So good.

Have you got a minute?

Of course you do. You were only going to do something pointless on social media.

So here's something worth doing. The Fairtrade Foundation have a petition going on. It's to the Prime Minister, insert name of current PM.


We're just asking the PM to take the exploitation out of our chocolate (It's like taking prawn out of our chocolate. Best done.)

Please sign. It's easy. So,so easy. 

Even More Importantly


We have an updated FAQ section!


(No-one was asking the questions in the old one.)


Click on the "FAQ" tab for details.


How We Got Here


 On 20th January 2006, in front of an enthusiastic audience (mostly awake), Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, Harriet Lamb, presented Town Mayor Councillor Mark Freeman with a certificate conferring Fairtrade Town status on Leighton-Linslade. 

We are Bedfordshire's first Fairtrade Town! 
In order to qualify for Fair Trade Town status, we had to complete five separate goals. These are explained on the 5 goals page (nothing to do with football please note), and other sections will tell you how we continue to do the paperwork to satisfy them. 

If you feel inspired to get involved with our organisation, or can help in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you- see contact section.


If not, but would like to support Fair Trade in other ways, the website has ideas. These are for the home, workplace, where you shop… 

We also have a section detailing why buying Fair Trade matters, another with useful links, and random sections for old news.


Who knows what delights you might find? It could be a recipe, a newsletter, or the steering committee singing the Banana Song.


Is it Fairtrade?


Over 2,000 products now carry the Fairtrade mark which is your independent guarantee that the product really does make a difference to some of the poorest farmers in the world.

We are so close to 5000 hits. Or we're over 5000 hits. I sometimes forget to check. Well, most times, truth be told.

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