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These are good people. Very good people. The sort that would do a proper job.

Competition time

Stricly may be back, and Masterchef with BGT waiting around the corner, but these are as nothing compared to our Black History Month treasure hunt. When we get our act together there will be an entry form and details right here: 

More people who like Fairtrade Chocolate
Policeman Dave 2022.jpg

Policeman Dave

(Note to self insert cheesy joke here)

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Lisa, the new community champion at Morrisons. We really like Morrisons because you give us FT bananas and chocolate and that. Thanks!

People Like Fairtrade Chocolate
choc taste oxfam 2022b.jpg
choc taste oxfam 2022.jpg

So we gave away a load of Fairtrade chocolate outside Oxfam for Fairtrade Fortnight. Guess what? It made them happy!

You can feel just as happy as them by going out and buying a FT chocolate bar. Available in Oxfam and all supermarkets.

Fairtrade Chocolate Sampling

All this took place at Trinity Methodist Church. After all, it is Fairtrade Fortnight!

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Choc Taste 26 Feb b.jpg

We're choc full of good ideas to promote Fairtrade.


For two years it's been too dangerous to do the Leighton Buzzard supermarket Fairtrade survey.

(Words that would have looked very, very bizarre in 2019)

But here it is! The 2022 survey. Because some things are worth not risking your life for.

supermarket FT 2022.jpg

The Co-op we looked at is the new Co-op food store in Kemsley Drive. Which is really, really impressive in its FT stock. Go there. Buy cookies. 

Our Fairtrade recipe leaflet 

These are really good. Seriously good. Masterchef level good.

Included is the recipe for Ice Cream Guffi Banani

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Who are we?

We are the Fairtrade Town group for Leighton-Linslade. Fairtrade Towns are one of the things the Fairtrade Foundation does, and they do it really well. Follow the link for more details or their general wowness:

Even More Importantly


We have an updated FAQ section!


(No-one was asking the questions in the old one.)


Click on the "FAQ" tab for details.


How We Got Here


 On 20th January 2006, in front of an enthusiastic audience (mostly awake), Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, Harriet Lamb, presented Town Mayor Councillor Mark Freeman with a certificate conferring Fairtrade Town status on Leighton-Linslade. 

We are Bedfordshire's first Fairtrade Town! 
In order to qualify for Fair Trade Town status, we had to complete five separate goals. These are explained on the 5 goals page (nothing to do with football please note), and other sections will tell you how we continue to do the paperwork to satisfy them. 

If you feel inspired to get involved with our organisation, or can help in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you- see contact section.


If not, but would like to support Fair Trade in other ways, the website has ideas. These are for the home, workplace, where you shop… 

We also have a section detailing why buying Fair Trade matters, another with useful links, and random sections for old news.


Who knows what delights you might find? It could be a recipe, a newsletter, or the steering committee singing the Banana Song.


Is it Fairtrade?


Over 2,000 products now carry the Fairtrade mark which is your independent guarantee that the product really does make a difference to some of the poorest farmers in the world.

We are so close to 6000 hits. Or we might not be, but if we say that, this text won't need changing for a while.

Canal Festival 2022

Yes, we were there again. And the new, freshly redesigned Wheel Of Fortune was also be there.

(I mean, it's been repainted is all. But that's something, right?)

Canal 2022.jpg
Canal 2022b.jpg

You came in your hundreds to play our game for free, eat our chocolate for free, and take a free recipe leaflet.

So a big thank you for that.

but until then here's a leaflet to be going on with.