It's too late...

Because by now you'll have already lobbed  your Advent calendar. But next year pop down to Oxfam to get this Fairtrade Divine one.

Divine Calendar.jpg

Here's two lads checking out the ingredients to make sure they don't contain any haddock.

Why did the bee get married?

Because he found his honey.


Well done to both Tesco, and Nature's Harvest, who are both selling FT honey. You can also get FT honey in Oxfam.

Fuzzy Buzzy was so happy he binge watched the first three series of Friends.

Heathwood school fayre/ fair/ fare

We were there, with our fantastic raffle for not one, not three, but two Fairtrade hampers. Well done to our winners, and if you don't know if you're a winner, check your answerphone. No message, no prize.

We also had a guess the number of jelly beans in the jar competition. The answer was 220, obviously. Here's a picture of the lucky winner, who has an excellent taste in football teams:

These are magic beans; plant them and watch them grow into a giant jelly bean tree, with a jolly jelly giant at the top.A great big Thank You to Heathwood (who are a Fairtrade school, by the way).

Canal Festival 2017

We were there again. As well as the usual pathetically small chocolate bar giveaway, you were also able to win a free Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

As you know, Ben and Jerry's do a lot with Fairtrade ingredients- remember the 'Not Fair!' advert? We really like them.

Even better, this very kind Ben and Jerry's ice cream seller agreed to give away some free ice creams to people who got a Super Win on our stall. We really like you!

So if you're buying ice cream, buy Ben and Jerry's. If you see this ice cream van, buy from him. While you're eating the wonderful ice cream, remember you're helping the most vulnerable people on the planet. Doesn't that make you feel all warm inside?

(Which is probably not what you want from an ice cream).

Some pictures from the event:

Note the string round the back of the wheel, which is preventing the Wheel of Fortune from falling on him. Health and Safety- don't neglect it.

Rumour has it one of them is Banksy.

Thank Fudge For That

They had the stall next to us at the Canal Festival. Their fudge was so brilliant that it couldn't even begin to say. So I won't.


Why am I telling you all this, I hear you say (I have very good hearing)?


Because they use Fairtrade ingredients. Once again, a happy marriage between doing good, and stuffing your face with the finest food known to humanity is possible. So get buying!

The nice lady who uses Fairtrade. Contact her here

Christmas Tree Festival 2018

We were there, and it was a cracker this year. Well, not a cracker in the sense of a Christmas cracker, but a cracker that happens to be Christmas related. Also, it's not the sort of cracker you might have with cheese, even at Christmas time. 

It's actually a bookcase*. Obviously.

xmas tree 2018.jpg

Well done to the ladies who designed it. This installation is on sale from us, price £12,000 plus you must promise to buy lots of Fairtrade things in future.

*Obviously not a fireplace. That would be so 2017.

Well done for your coffee, Morrisons!


If you drink your coffee in the Cafeteria, the petrol station, Morrisons do Fairtrade. We like Morrisons, especially as they helped us this Fairtrade Fortnight.

What else did you do for Fairtrade Fortnight 2017?

Well, since you ask, I'll tell you.


We're did a couple of of youth talks. Sick*.

Also some church events, some school talks, and something unknowable at Data Harvest, who we like.

Plus the main event at Morrisons on Saturday 4th March.


*Apparently 'sick' means good, as you'll know if you're under a certain age. Except in certain contexts, where it just means 'sick'. It can get confusing, as in "Jon was sick- it was sick".


Fuzzy Buzzy goes to Pulford

Who? read on. Anyway, here he is at Pulford School. I hope he beehived himself.

Guess the name of the Mascot
(The 2017 Dovery Down football tournament)


We were there, obviously, or there wouldn't be much point in mentioning it.


We were running a competition to guess the name of our new mascot, which will come with us to all events until someone steals it:

I rather liked Bee McBeeFace, and also Methusalah Rameses Wikipedia III.


The winner will get a Fairtrade football. You didn't know they existed? Well, they do, they look and play great. So next time you buy a football BUY FAIRTRADE.


EXCITING UPDATE the bee's name is Fuzzy Buzzy, and the winner is Hayden Reyland. Well done!


A great choice of name- in fact it's the bee's knees.

Here are some kids having a go:

Christmas Tree Festival 2017

Another stunning success

We've had interest from a number of top galleries, but if you've got a lot of money to spend, rather than buy a football team, make us an offer.

The theme this year was "We wish you a merry Christmas". And we do. Unless you're a business executive who's opposing Fairtrade, in which case we wish you a guilt-ridden Christmas.

Who won the Morrisons hamper all stuffed with yummsy goodies?


The winners of the selfie competition are the Pilates class (see opposite for details).


And here's a picture of the winners, just to prove we didn't just steal the hamper:

And the junior winner was Taylor Lapworth of TACTIC