Not an alien invasion

If you see a number of banana people wandering around Leighton-Linslade, it's not an alien invasion, but us doing a banana wander as part of the Town Council's welcome back campaign.

Pictures from Piccolo, Rosehill pharmacy and House of Coffee.

Bananas on the High Street -  Rosehill Pharmacy.jfif

That said, another time it could turn out to be part of a fruit based alien invasion, in which case our advice would be to avoid eating fruit when the aliens are in the area.

A message to COP 26 from Leighton-Linslade

We did a stall. We got the people of Leighton Buzzard to write their messages on Postit notes and stuck them on a large board. Then we removed the ones containing Bad Things.

The end result- a message that will surely put unstoppable pressure on world leaders to sort climate change out. Urgently.

COP26 stall signed.jpg

I mean, if global warming means we get a climate as sunny as Spain, that's going to give the British people nothing to talk about.

By the way, you can add your thoughts to the Town presentation. See below.

Product of the month for May to December
Tony choc

And February. Less effort that way.


This is Fairtrade chocolate so good that Beyonce melts it down and uses it as bathwater*.

Available at Waitrose and Oxfam

I have no idea why it's lying in the half melted snow, but apparently that was quite important

(*May not be true. In fact that sounds quite dangerous)

The Best Cupcakes in the Tri-county area

It's official! Charcooksalotte's cupcakes are the best cupcakes in the Bucks-Beds-Herts area. A highly questionable and possibly non-existent judging panel has tried cupcakes from all producers in the tri-county area, and hers are the best!  


So pop down to LB market, and get some before she's snapped up by Bake Off or that other one.

And, she uses Fairtrade ingredients, so buying these is like giving money to charity.

Here's her Facebook page:

Christmas Tree Festival 2021 

It's back! And so our world famous design department got going again, and again they nailed it more than a nail gun target shooting competition.

Xmas tree 2021a.jpg
Xmas tree 2021d.jpg
Xmas tree 2021c.jpg
Xmas tree 2021b.jpg

This really belongs in one of the better art galleries. If The Louvre is reading this, interested?

Cittadina- we salute you

Not because we're in the army, and Cittadina is the Regimental Sergeant-Major.


More because they are excellent people who use Fairtrade ingredients. The cookies are internationally famous, apparently.

Free Chocolate

We're literally giving it away. No charge or anything. Nothing to sign up to, no annoying emails, no sales pitch.

Just turn up at Oxfam between 10am and 1pm on Saturday 5th March and get free chocolate.

Well, don't leave it too close to 1pm because we'll probably be packing up by then.