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Sites of good people

Leighton-Linslade Town Council link

Fairtrade Foundation link

Milton Keynes Fairtrade forum link

Oxfam  link

Divine Chocolate  link

Pa Pa Paa LIVE!- online video broadcasting service for schools link



Shared Interest- investing in a fairer world. link


JP Juices link

Our Facebook Page

Our Twitter Account

LB First

Please support them, because they support us, and they seem like really nice people, and it's local and they deserve it after everything, and Keanu Reeves supports them (to be confirmed).

Totally Local
Totally Local.JPG

This is a wonderful initiative aimed at getting you, YES YOU, to buy from Leighton-Linslade's excellent local outlets.

They're very much into Fairtrade, as are we. Please visit them.


We're going to be working with them over the next year and beyond, so keep an eye on things developing. Or don't. It's up to you, really. 

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