Product of the Month for July
POM July.jpg

Some people were saying muttering that you never see Yarkov and Fuzzy Buzzy in the same room. So to end that meme of fake news, here we are.

Moser Roth chocolate is delicious beyond description, comes in many flavours, and is Fairtrade. Get it from Aldi.

Product of the month for August
Yark maltesers.jpg

Maltesers. I always thought they just were kids being rude in shopping centres, but apparently not.

Did you know Maltesers were Fairtrade? No? Well now you know, tell everybody. Available anywhere civilisation exists.


Once again, a big thank you to our model, Yarkov.

Product of the Month for May

Hot chocolate special this month. 

Hot chocolate is the answer.

Whatever the question is.

Squad goals.jpg

The three Fairtrade types shown here are Green and Blacks, Cadbury's and Aldi own brand. The first two are available pretty much anywhere, and the third...


Product of the month for April

We decided to go with an Easter theme, since it's Easter. A bold decision.

Easter Eggs 2019.jpg

Those of you unfortunate enough to follow this website will be aware that this is absurdly early in the month to have the product up. A couple of months too late is normal.

Anyway, go and buy it from Oxfam, I think.

Product of the month for February

You can get these delights at Oxfam. They're absolutely delicious, and if the supply ever runs out, there may need to be some form of UN intervention.

Yark Feb.jpg

No-one can explain the presence of the duct tape. He's been carrying it about ever since he started reading 'War And Peace' in the original Russian.

Product of the month for January
POM Jan 2019.jpg

I know, what a look, what an icon.


It's not the onesie that's Fairtrade. (Come on, manufacturers, get on it and you'll make a fortune!)


The coffee filters will give you that real coffee taste without all the hassle. I'm guessing from the packaging you can get it from Waitrose.

Fairtrade product of the month for ?
FTLL selfie Aug 2018b.JPG

As soon as we've translated this into English We'll let you know what it all means.

Meerkat of the month

This is Fickle randomly enjoying some yummy Fairtrade ice cream.

Late Product of the month. Some month, probably not this one.

This is how to give Mothers Day flowers. Either that or FT chocolate. Or wine. Or gold.

Whatever, don't buy nasty non-FT things because it's a little bit cheaper. SHE'S YOUR MOTHER, for goodness sake.

Product of the month for May. Or June. Whatever

Product of the month is Fairtrade honey. You can buy two different types from LB Oxfam.

With the honey is Yarkov, a pure Russian meerkat.

Yarkov says, "I like to put honey on moist flannel."

If you want to do that, or just eat it, pop down to Oxfam.

Product of the month for May
Tony choc

And February. Less effort that way.


This is Fairtrade chocolate so good that Beyonce melts it down and uses it as bathwater*.

Available at Waitrose and Oxfam

I have no idea why it's lying in the half melted snow, but apparently that was quite important

(*May not be true. In fact that sounds quite dangerous)

New Year New Meer
POM Jan 2020.jpeg

Also known as product of the month for January. This is Divine mint thins, absolutely lovely, and available at Oxfam LB.

Fuzzy Buzzy does he cause the applause just because
FB xmas pud.JPG

AKA Fairtrade product of the month for December.

Lillypuds Christmas pudding available in Oxfam, unless it's sold out, in which case it isn't.

Product of the month for September
Yark Sep 2019.jpg

Yarkov wearing a pineapple costume, advertising Marks and Spencers blackcurrant jam.

Some things are best not thought about too deeply.

Product of the month for June, July and possibly August

This would be Cafedirect's London Fields coffee. Get it at Waitrose.

June Selfie 2.jpg

I'm not sure what Fuzzy hopes to achieve by hanging around a packet of coffee.

Anthopomorphism, possibly?

June Selfie.jpg
Product of the month for March

We're moving away from meerkats, and to our very own mascot, Fuzzy Buzzy. He's getting all uzzy over LIMITED EDITION lemon and juniper Divine chocolate. I think you can get it at Oxfam. Please let me know.

fb selfie March.jpg
Best Easter Egg Official

If you like Masterchef, and are looking for something that looks like Greg Wallace's head, but tastes like the best chocolate ever, you've probably found out which egg won the Best Easter Egg competition over on Great British Chefs.

If not, let me save you the trouble:

Of course it's Fairtrade. Get it at one of our three Leighton-Linslade Co-ops.

Product of the month for October even though it's November

Waitrose have started selling FT cloves amongst other FT spices. We were so impressed we decided to make them product of the month.

Here is Yarkov doing a 'Top off cloves on' pose.

Yarkov cloves.jpg

Incidentally, the people at Bart who make the spices have a message for you, the buying public. YES, YOU!

We are really proud to support Fairtrade and to be ensuring farmers get a good a quality of life; be it good tools for the job, facilities for them and their families, fair pay etc etc.


We like Bart.

Product or the month

There has been an ongoing viral campaign to feature more pictures of clergy holding soap. Despite not wanting to give in to pressure, we did feel the will of the people express itself very, very clearly on this issue, so there you are. Happy now?

This is father John of Sacred Heart displaying his favourite soap - Clean and Fair pure soap which contains Fairtrade Coconut Oil from India. I think you can get it from Oxfam, or Traidcraft.

Fairtrade product for February

Product of the month is below. I've been busy, which is why it resembles the FT product of the month for December a little.

These are Fairtrade Cinnamon Caramelised Nuts according to the packet. Available from Tesco, they're great. Moley (shown in the picture) says, "I don't really like nuts, I don't. I only like baked beans. But I'll pretend to like them for Fairtrade" (he has a cockney accent).

By the way, these are really good. Trust me on this.

Product of the month for January, and probably February, March and April
SHelter choc.JPG

Since no-one has been eating chocolate over the Christmas period, we thought you might like to try one of these.

It helps Shelter, supports Fairtrade, and will sort out any emergency. Well, nearly any emergency.