It's Chocolate Week!

Well, it was when these were taken. It isn't now, of course. Unless it's Chocolate Week next year, in which case it is.

natures vegan.jpg
Morrisons choc.jpg
Waitrose no1 2.jpg
M and s range.jpg

These fine chocolate lovers are Lesley from Nature's Harvest (with their vegan bar); Katharine from Morrisons; Helen at Waitrose;  and Vanessa from Marks and Spencers.

Here's a practical route map for helping Developing Country people: buy Fairtrade chocolate, unwrap, open mouth, eat. More detailed instructions available on request.

Not just a pretty website

Now we're on local radio- Leighton Buzz radio.. The interview can be found on their catchup. 

Some things can't be unheard.

We like ice cream

Forget the Rio Carnival. Forget the Notting Hill Carnival, or even Luton Carnival. The best Carnival in the world is the Leighton Buzzard Carnival. There must have been dozens of people at it, including this van:

Carnival 2.jpg

So if you see this van, buy some FT ice cream. What agony it is doing the right thing.

Feeling in need of cake?

Then pop down to Waitrose, buy some of these Fairtrade ingredients, and get baking! 

Waitrose 1.jpg
Waitrose 2.jpg
Waitrose 3.jpg

Alternatively, lie on your back and pour the contents of these directly in your mouth. Then you won't need to wait for cake to cool.

Right bright light sight delight
Bright lights FTLL.jpg

We were so pleased to see our status advertised in bright lights on the sign.

The one in the foreground, not the blue one. That's simply a reminder that we don't like people trying to leave the town.

Random picture
FTF 19.jpg
Canal Festival 2019

A big thanks to the people at The Print Place who gave up lunch to cut cards for our Wheel of Fortune.

We were there at the Canal Festival again, giving away everso tiny bars of chocolate. And playing was free! As in actual free, not as in after a month you pay free.

Wheel canal 2019.JPG

The Wheel of Fortune is kinda dangerous now, so we make people put on high vis jackets to play,

We were also giving away copies of our unbelievable recipe leaflet (read the health and safety warning first. In fact you should probably wear a high vis jacket throughout the preparation process.).

Fancy a jam sandwich?

Then you'll be heading off to the new Marks and Spencers food store and buying their jam or marmalade. Is marmalade really just jam refusing to acknowledge its heritage? Best answer wins a prize. Maybe. 

Marks jam.jpg

Don't all rush there at once to get the marmalade, or we'll have a traffic jam.

Fairtrade fortnight 2019
Waitrose 2019 2.jpg

We gave away a load of chocolate to the good people of Leighton-Linslade. Waitrose were the very, very kind supermarket who gave us a pile of choc and the space to give it away.

The lady seems totally unfazed by being given a stuffed bee and being asked to pose for the camera.

Fairtrade Fortnite Update

Well, it happened. The Fairtrade Cake and Biscuits Bring and Buy Coffee Morning at Trinity Methodist Church on 9th March.

I mean life doesn't get any more extreme. Asbestos overcoats were the order of the day! If you're going to get involved in this sort of borderline legal behaviour, be aware- don't bring a flan to a cake fight.

FTF 19 coffee.jpg

Because you can never have too much giant plastic fruit.

Christmas Tree Festival 2019

Our entry.

Wow. Talk about creativity.

xmas tree 2019.jpg

Of course, the best thing about this sort of Christmas Tree is that you don't get pine needles falling off it, you get bananas.

Fill your face at our expense

Did you grab a free chocolate square or four at Oxfam on the Saturday of Chocolate Week?

They did. And loved it so much most of them went and bought whole bars.

Pop down to Oxfam and buy a bar. Do it before 31st October. No ifs or buts.

House of Coffee, we love you

First up, it's not a house made out of coffee. This isn't a liquid version of Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house.

House Coffee 1.jpg

The House of Coffee in Peacock Mews now does Fairtrade coffee, and it's brilliant. That man knows more about coffee than 1000 high street 'baristas' glued together for some reason.

House Coffee 2.JPG

So if you're a business, stop messing around with some faceless coffee machine corporation from the grim north who bulk out their coffee grindings with wood shavings. Talk to Nick.

Shoppers can also get his ravishing FT coffee, too. So good. So good.

Did you see us at Rushmere Food Festival?
Rushmere 2019.jpg

Surprisingly we had no food. Despite this, we gave away a load of our recipe leaflets (see below), and ran a competition to win beans.

Someone won. Not one of us, so I don't know who they are.

When genetics goes wrong

Apparently if you splice together human and banana gene, this is what you get:


It's part of Fairtrade fortnight 2020. Playtots were doing Fairtrade craft activities making a bee like Fuzzy Buzzy. Refreshments included delicious banana bread made with Fairtrade ingredients and Fairtrade coffee. 


We're doing it. This is not dropping light fiction out of renovated WW2 bombers, but putting little packs for people to read all over Leighton Buzzard.

Bomb 2.jpg
Bomb 1.jpg

If you see one, lucky you. Do give it a read.

Party Time

Apparently it's 25 years since the Fairtrade mark was introduced. Who knew?

FT London event 5th Oct.jpg

Well this lot, apparently. Because they were in London celebrating.

That's a big banana. Wouldn't like to get that home on the train.

Trinity Display

We decided on that heading because this is a display at Trinity Methodist Church. Sometimes headlines are really easy to write.

Trinity Methodist.jpg

This is linked to the Oxjam live music event on 5th October. Rock and Roll!!

Chocolate Giveaway part 2
Morrison FTF 2.JPG

Seconds of chocolate? Apparently, because we also did a giveaway at Morrisons. Have you ever tried their FT chocolate? If not, add that to your bucket list.

Morrison FTF1.JPG

And a massive thanks to Morrisons for their help and chocolate.

Chocolate giveaway

We give you chocolate. You listen to how great Fairtrade is for 11 seconds. Win-Win.

M&S choc.jpg

M&S FT chocolate is excellent. It includes a 100% strength chocolate bar. That would curdle yoghurt 100m away.

M&S ftf.jpg

A massive thanks to M&S for all their help and chocolate.