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I don't even know what's going on here

Or in any of the other pictures. Guessing, it's Leighton Buzzard Estate agents, and they're supporting Fairtrade. So jolly well done, and I'm off to buy a house from every one of these fine people.

Update. Apparently, Angela, (who deserves a massive WELL DONE!,) went round all the LB estate agents, getting them to try a different FT product each time. So a big THANKS also to Urban & Rural, Connells, Quarters, Brown & Merry, M&M, and Taylors, for helping out.

Are you an Estate Agent not here? Why not? Contact us now!!!! We can help you to look slightly socially aware, which is cool. Or sick, if you're a bit younger.

Fair Trade Fortnight 2018

We had to cancel the giveaway at Sainsbury's because of the snow. However, if you're missing that free tiny nugget of chocolate, we will be doing something later in the year.

I had a premonition it wasn't going to happen, which is why I didn't put anything on the website in advance.

However if you popped along to the Co-operative store in Stanbridge Road on Saturday 10th March vaguely around coffee time or lunchtime, we did an exciting FT chocolate/banana event. You got a whole square of chocolate.


And, we raised money (£65) for the Co-op charity (the Black Horse) through a FT hamper raffle.


A big thanks to the Co-op, and to Bev for letting us in to your nice new clean store and giving us a load of chocolate. 

It's a cup of tea with some biscuits

Apparently they've just had a really great Fairtrade colouring in event at Rushmere Park. Were you there? Did you even know about it? Well if you keep checking this website, it's the sort of thing you might find out about.

I say 'sort of thing', because I actually forgot to put it on. But that's not the point.

A big thanks to Rushmere for hosting this. By the way, their tea and coffee are all Fairtrade, so get down there and get drinking. Plus, it's a really great place to go. Here's a link:

We plough the fields, then scatter


Here's the Fairtrade display for Trinity Methodist Harvest Festival.

I'm guessing that food got eaten after the service. They call it hungering after righteousness.

Did you see us at the Rushmere Food Festival on Sunday 23/9/18?

No. You didn't. It was blown away. We were going to give away free copies of our new cookbook/magazine/leaflet entitled 'Unusual and Delicious'. There's some seriously good, but rather odd recipes there. So here it is to download. Please read the warning before trying them.

See us at the Canal Festival?

Saturday 28th July. The Wheel was back. Some seriously small chocolate prizes were won.

Stall crier 1.jpg

No, he's not auditioning for a part in the next Assassin's Creed movie. This is Peter having a go on the Wheel. He's the town crier, and goodness knows there's enough to cry about around town these days.

Don't be fooled by the picture. There was some seriously bad weather going on. The sun, which had blazed down from February decided to have a duvet day, on the one day we needed it to be just getting on with the job.

By the end of the afternoon the gazebo had blown all the way to Cumbria.

Well done Tesco

While doing the rounds for the 2018 FT product audit, we spotted you selling Fairtrade coffee bags.

coffee bags.jpg

Now your first thought might have been "This really isn't an invention that's going to be talked about for generations to come".

But actually, they make a decent cup of ground coffee, and without all the kerfuffle of using a cafetiere.

(Thank you, spell check, for pointing out that cafitiare is wrong)

So put aside your well founded cynicism, and give them a try. 

Well done Co-op

While doing the rounds for the 2018 FT product audit, we spotted you selling Fairtrade choc snacks.

Choc Peanuts.jpg

These are so nice. I mean, even Torode and that lot would die of pleasure (or at least be hospitalised) if they tried one of these.

Choc Peanuts 2.jpg

While doing the rounds for the 2018 FT product audit, we spotted you selling Karma Cola, Lemony lemonade and Gingerella soft drinks.

Well done Waitrose!

These are, of course, Fairtrade, or WHY WOULD WE BOTHER TO TELL YOU?

So now it's over to you, the people, to go out and buy these yummy drinks (they're at the top, on the aisle facing the frozen section. near the lemonade; if you get to the tinned fruit, you've gone too far).

In case you hadn't noticed, we're in the middle of a heatwave. There's really only choice you can make.

Buy it.

The only thing you need to think about is whether to put something over your pyjamas when you go to pick it up.

A big giant giveaway at Sainsbury's

Right, just to be clear, we weren't giving away big giants.

However we were giving away Fairtrade chocolate, Maltesers and bananas, all of which you can buy at Sainsbury's LB. Along with FT wine, ice cream, coffee...

A massive thanks to Sainsbury's for giving us the time, space and lots of chocolate.

And next time you're in Sainsbury's, buy this. You would think that with no added sugar and being Fairtrade, it would taste orrible and cost loads, but it's really nice, and only costs 85p! I bought a very large pile of these, and now I feel slightly sick from eating it all.

There's a dark version and lots of other types of FT chocolate too. Just don't buy the nasty non-FT chocolate, because you're better than that. Really, you are.

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